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Facial Massager Roller


Facial Massager Roller

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Forget about the tired look on your face! Get rid of puffiness and fine lines with this facial roller!

Wake up your entire face with the cooling, soothing power of rose quartz crystal. Whether you’re feeling puffy, experiencing redness, or have dry skin, this double-ended quartz roller can relieve those discomforts. This facial roller improves circulation, reduces redness, swelling, and the appearance of fine lines. Use this facial roller to soothe tired, irritated skin. This beauty tool also boosts drainage of excess fluid and helps sculpt facial features. Plus, it relaxes tense facial muscles and gives your skin a healthy glow. 

This facial roller is made of natural rose quartz. Rose quartz is the ultimate love stone to promote self-care. It’s believed to ease tension, stress, and anxiety. Its positive energy can add an extra-relaxing, pampering note to your beauty routine. You’ll not only enjoy skin-deep benefits after trying this facial roller, but you’ll likely find yourself feeling energized and refreshed from the inside-out too. 

How to use:

First, cleanse your face. Before rolling, remove any makeup, dirt, or sweat. Then, apply a layer of serum or a moisturizer. When rolling, start at the neck and roll upwards. Always face roll in one direction, upwards. Finish by wiping off any excess serum. Use warm water to clean the roller.

✔️ CAN BE USED ALL OVER THE BODY – The size of the roller gives you the flexibility to use it on your face, neck, arms, back, and legs.

✔️ PROMOTES A CALMING EFFECT – By relieving muscle tension and stiffness, this roller helps elevate your moods. 

✔️ IMMEDIATE RESULTS – Just 5 minutes of face rolling is enough to increase blood flow in your face.

2 reviews for Facial Massager Roller

  1. L***y

    United States

    My friend uses these things but I honestly didn’t believe this stuff worked. I bought it to give it a shot and it’s absolutely amazing! I use a face mask and I put this in the fridge meanwhile. Once I remove the face mask I use the roller and it feels so great and soothing on the skin. I feel like my face feels lighter after using this. I also bought one for my husband and he loves it!

  2. A***e

    United States

    Beautiful, beautiful product. I just got mine today, and I am already in love with it! I thought that using this wouldn’t do a thing for my skin, but it actually works! It helps to relieve tension in my jaw and on my temples, and my under-eye bags were subdued the first few rolls I tried out under my eyes. Would 100% recommend.

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