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Non-Slip Bath Pillow


Non-Slip Bath Pillow

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Need a hot bath to relax your tired muscles? Increase your relaxation with a bath pillow!

The bath pillow is just what you need for luxurious comfort during your spa experience in the bathroom tub. If you’re in for a good long soak, it can be tough having to lay across that cold, hard edge of the tub. The pillow is designed to cradle your head, neck, and shoulders while submerged in water — so all those tense and sore muscles can finally loosen up! It ensures relief of achy muscles and cozy comfort throughout your relaxing therapy session.

The bath pillow offers many benefits to your health:

  • Reduces stress — Relaxing in the bath is so much more comfortable with the bath pillow. It makes for an especially relaxing part of any self-care routine.
  • Relieves sore muscles — Never suffer from neck pain again! The contoured design gently cradles your head, neck, and shoulders for soothing relief from tense muscles.
  • Helps maintain better posture — The pillow provides a soft surface to lean against during a warm bath. It has been proven by doctors to help improve body posture while alleviating rigidity in your lower back, shoulder blades, and neck muscles.
  • Improves sleep quality — Slipping into an underwater paradise may help relieve anxiety and improve sleep quality by raising core body temperature before bedtime.

Made of unique air mesh technology, this pillow is soft, breathable, and comfortable. You can use it when you relax in the bathtub or during the spa day at home. 6 suction cups attach the pillow to the tub during use. That way, it won’t slip or fall into the water as you lean back on it. The bath pillow also features a hook that provides an easy way to hang this on a towel rack or bathrobe hook for fast and easy air drying. It also dries quickly, thanks to special ventilation that promotes airflow. The pillow is durable and easy to clean when you’re done using it — just toss it into the washer! So take some time for yourself with this relaxing pillow today!


✔️ RELIEVES PAIN POINTS — The bath pillow provides superior ergonomics for proper head support to avoid neck strain, relieve tension and pain.

✔️ REDUCES STRESS — Made with a soft yet supportive material, this bath pillow cradles your body in comfort as well as support for an ultimate bathing experience.

✔️ DOESN’T SLIP OUT OF PLACE — 6 suction cups give you non-slip stability so you can rest easy.


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